A long time ago I wonder why people love quotes, it's only words that do not change anything. As I getting older I know the reason. People's emotion is dynamic there are lows and highs when in a low condition we will need some advises or quotes to make us stronger and carry on life.

Quotes are like a motivational seminar, its only several hours maybe after that we forgot and back to our daily life, that's why we need to read quotes every day. You cannot go to motivational seminar every day right, but you can read motivational quotes each time you need it.

This website tries to gather as many as possible quotes from Wiseman (or from an unknown source) so we can learn from their experience to live our lives better.

You are very welcome to send your quotation to be presented on this website.
I hope the very best for our lives, thank you - Caleraumc.com

ps. You may find some posting related to IT, yes it was my background but not anymore as I already quit from my job since Jan 2018.

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