15 Sad Quotes

When you feeling sad, you will need someone or something to support you and make you cheer. Sad quotes will help you understand your situation and give you the power to stand up to overcome your sadness. Below are 15 sad quotes might help you...
sad quotes

1. Sometimes the things we do to numb the pain creates more pain
2. A lot of people fall in love, but not deep enough to stay there
3. I hope you find the person who is trying to find you
4. People leave too soon. Feelings stay too long
5. Most truths are just pretty lies
6. Are you living or just existing?
7. Who were you before they broke your heart?
8. Sometimes letting go is the only option. Sometimes saving yourself is the only way
9. Sadness lives in the memories we try to forget.
10. She wasn't afraid of flying of falling. She was afraid of not reaching the stars
11. We are all just searching for the one searching for us
12. It is not always just the heart. Sometimes your mind breaks as well
13. I hope that one day you will find what your soul has been looking for
14. Acting like you don't care is not letting go
15. You will never read my poems the way I want you to

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