Dreaming of being an Information Technology Technician? Look first at the Profile below!

In around 1990s, lots of enterprises need an information technology technician to help their business. The technician usually installs software, maintenance the general computer, and connect computers to networks. They also make sure the personal computer (PC) run smoothly without viruses as well as not harm the organization. Nowadays, the IT staff or technician develop Web or mobile software, network, database, or administration. This means that the type of work they have experienced a revolution from year to year. Are you interested in trying it out?

information technology technician

Duties and Education of Information Technology Technician

Computers now are becoming increasingly essential as more people use mobile devices and rely on the Internet. They use it not only for communication but also for entertainment, shopping, and business. A large corporation such as Cisco, Comcast, or Verizon employs a full-time staff of Web personnel. The goal is to have live chats with site visitors and keep the site content updated. An information technology technician will develop software for the foreseeable future. They also write the website content until computers pass the Turing test.

Here are more detail duties for an IT staff:

· Identify the software and hardware

· Provide solutions to problems

· Assists with adaptation and customization of existing programs to fulfill users' requirements

· Provide telephone, online, and face-to-face support to clients

· Download and install software

· Connect users to networks as well as providing initial training such as facilities and applications

· Talk to programmers and vendors

· Provide information to the customers' about software and hardware purchasing decisions

· Ensure users are able to use the equipment by providing private teaching and self-help instructions

· Undertake reporting functions and housekeeping for the area of responsibility.

An IT staff need some personal requirements such as:

· Genuine desire to assist and strong client focus

· Analytical skills

· Persistence

· Good communication skills

· Able to work with the team

· Patient and tolerant

· Aptitude for technical activities

· Disciplined and Methodical approach to problem-solving

A Bachelor's Degree may be a minimum requirement in your IT career including a technician. But this specialization also requires you to complete a VET qualification. Because prerequisites and subjects may differ between institutions, you should search several schools and contact your chosen institutions. But Traineeship can be another solution to become an information technology technician. Below are the choices of the schools to support your career later:

1. Bachelor of Art: Australian Catholic University (ACU)

2. Bachelor of Information Technology: Monash University

3. Bachelor of Information Technology / Bachelor of Visual Art: Monash Univesity

4. Bachelor of Computer Science: RMIT University

5. Bachelor of Information Technology: Melbourne Polytechnic

6. Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Science: Monash University

7. Bachelor of Commerce (Specialist) or Bachelor of Information Technology: Monash University

8. Bachelor of Technology - Computing Studies: RMIT University

9. Bachelor of Information Technology: Victoria University (VU)

10. Bachelor of Information Technology: Swinburne University of Technology

Obvious, many bachelor's degrees in information technology field that supports this career. So, you do not need to confuse to get the degree or in Master of Science. If you really want to be an information technology technician, do not doubt to choose one of the universities. An IT staff or technician earns weekly wage until $ 1,200.
Dreaming of being an Information Technology Technician? Look first at the Profile below! Dreaming of being an Information Technology Technician? Look first at the Profile below! Reviewed by Bunda Lexi on October 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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