The Top Five Information Technology Jobs

When we talk about information technology jobs, what do you think about it? Before knowing it more, it is better for you to recognize what information technology is. Well, it is often shortened to IT and it is related to the computers. Then, the workers of IT are very important in every model of the modern business. Take for an example, when there is a company which works on emails or phones field, what should be there? Yes, it is, of course, there is a professional of IT who convinces the function of the machine well.
Information Technology Jobs

Five kinds of information technology jobs

Related to the information technology jobs, what will you get? As your reward, you will get excellent pay. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Okay, these following jobs will help you in knowing more about kinds of them. Each of them is also related to the range of the salary. Here they are:

1. IT consultant

The first kind of information technology jobs is called IT consultant. Actually, it is classified as the best job in America. Besides, it has the rank number which is 13 on CNN’s. When this position is your job, so you have to calculate the systems and also do a research. Then, in having this position, you need to fulfill some requirements. For the education itself, you should have a bachelor’s degree in the computer filed. In addition, according to CNN, you will get the salary of about $96,400 for this position.

2. Cloud architect

Have you heard about a course in cloud computing? If the answer is yes, it is important for you to know it more than this kind of job will give architecture. Besides, the storage space requires to be arranged too. For the education requirement, you have to at least have a bachelor’s degree. Then, for the salary, you will have $112,000. It is higher than the first kind, right?

3. Computer forensic investigator

This kind of information technology jobs will look for, recognize, and assess the information from the systems of the computer. In having this job position, you need to a degree in the computer forensics, the information security or the cybersecurity. If you have a certificate from a computer examiner board, it can help you in having this position. Then, according to TBS, the salary that will you get is for about $64,000.

4. Health IT specialist

This kind of job combines the knowledge of the computer and the record keeping skills. However, it still specializes in the medical coding, the cancer registry, and also the billing. Then, this job just needs an associate degree or a certificate. The salary for this job is up to $45,000.

5. Mobile application developer

The last kind is called a mobile application developer. This kind of job usually goes beyond personal computers. You should have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, a mobile computer, or computer science. Then, for the salary, you will have $90,000.

You will need some education to choose an Information Technology jobs above, here are reasons why you need to choose IT school.

10 Reasons Why You Must Choose the Information Technology Schools

If you like everything related to the computer, you will choose an information technology school. So, you will increase your ability and willingness to study about it. Besides that, studying something that you like will make you feel happy to pass the process, enjoy it and get the best result. This is because you do it with the full heart without some force from another person and it is really good news for you to get a bright future.

As we all know, technology information always gives new things that really helpful for a human being. It is because the information technology schools always try to make an improvement for their students to make a good invention. In the school, they will study theoretical and practical of site programming, internet security, system analysis and many more. So, you need to do the practical work and written assignments to know more about the material.

For you that real interest in the information technology schools, you must be happy. Because through it you will get a good future. It becomes the favorite because this department is promising and have a good prospect. Let’s check the reasons for your consideration why you must choose the information technology department.
information technology schools

The reasons to choose information technology schools

1. The information technology has good prospects in the future and urgently needed in the modern era. It is because of the fast technological development of information technology and a lack of personnel with good ability.

2. Related to technological development, the opportunities of information technology students will increase every year. The whole country in the world really needs it, so you must be ready to get the challenging job in the future and get a high salary.

3. If you don’t want to be an employee, you will create something with your skill ability. So, you will create your own work in the information technology field and make some products. For example, you will make some applications or software and get some benefit from it.

4. You will develop some work and provide employment for others. It is a really good idea to decrease the unemployment of people around you. You will hire them to help you manage the information technology products.

5. If you hate studying physics or don’t like memorizing the concepts of biology or chemistry, choose information technology school is the right choice. Because here you just study the logic programming, smart business and interesting things about technology.

6. In information technology schools, you will study how to create hardware and also software. Through it, you will have some ability to create hardware software that user-friendly and useful for many people.

7. You will be a programmer too if you choose the information technology department. You will do it as soon as possible without waiting for a graduate from the school if you like and have the basic skill. It gives a good benefit to you because it will give you extra money if you work as a programmer.

8. You will have an opportunity to be an information technology consultant. Through it, you will use your skill for some clients to install a good system or to develop some device that used for another person.

9. If you have enough skill and majoring in information technology, it is easy for you to understand software. So you will create software to be more effective and easy to use.

10. If you have some trouble with your hardware, absolutely you will fix it by yourself. So, it will decrease the repair cost when your hardware is broken. Besides that, you will also open a repair service that will give some benefit to you.

Those are the 10 reasons for choosing information technology schools as your considerations. The good prospects in the future and also give you an opportunity to get a good salary is also the point. So, don’t hesitate to choose it if you have a passion for information technology.

If you need some courses in Information technology to pursue your career, you can consider below options:

These are the Most High-Classed Information Technology Course for This Year

It does not matter in case you lost change to continue your study at the university this year. Actually, God is going to kind to you with your failure. He just wants to tell you that this time becomes the golden period to prepare everything you need later. One of them is about the option of the information technology courses. With your leisure time, you have many changes to seek many references before really take the decision. Therefore, do not be sad and keep your spirit.

information technology course

4 Extra Ordinary Places Information Technology Courses

Nowadays, lots of people start seeing and consider the information technology courses. It becomes the new choice to reach their achievement in IT career. The following are the information about the list of course:

1. Gisma Business School

This course takes Digital Information from Zero to Hero as the flagship program. It expands the impact of the social media and digital machine toward society. During the coursework, the students get the entrepreneurs and organization to create generation idea and thinking freedom. Gisma Business School that comes from London has two main course requirements. It includes:

a) Bachelor's degree or professional equivalent: It at least needs 3 years to complete the study

b) Language level: to proof of English fluency

2. Vancouver Career College

Vancouver Career College shows a Network System Administration Program. This program develops technical skills in network installation, management, and maintenance. Additional, it teaches about the implementation and operating computer services. Create people to get a new career as a network systems administrator. Besides improving a solid foundation in common IT skills, the school gives you change to participate. You are going to participate in the work placement program. Then, it gives you the hands-on experience you in the workforce and impresses employers. 

The program from Vancouver Career College, England also prepares you to do several separated certification exams. It includes the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).
Read more interesting info about IT on Yunar Winardi

3. NIT Australia

The Information technology course from Australia has ACS Professional Year Program (ICT). They also give a special discount of $3,280 for a limited time. It gives some facilities for the students such as

a) Course ID: ACSPYICT,

b) Certificate: ACS Professional Year Certificate

c) Duration: 44 weeks where it covers 12 weeks of Internship)

d) Locations: Perth

e) Delivery Type: Blended (online and classroom)

f) Language: English

4. Summer School Smart Cities from Polytech

POLITECH from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University releases summer program. The name is Summer School Smart Cities offers the course for the students with a comprehensive introduction to:

a) Implementation of product ideas with the instruments of digital fabrication;

b) Development and management project;

c) Operating CNC machines and Fabrication-oriented design.

d) Students also gain the theoretical knowledge and practical experience such as: Use modern CAD systems (Solidworks, Autodesk Fusion 360, Altium, and Eagle);

e) Programming;

f) Electronics design;

g) Project design;

h) Project development;

i) Rapid prototyping.

j) Digital fabrication;

The last information technology course still coming from England. Let's join to one from the four options. With this insight, you must be spirit again and reach your dream soon.

Well, those are the explanation of the top five information technology jobs, reasons to choose IT school, and courses related to Information Technology which you should know. Hopefully, it can be very useful to you.
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