Let’s See the History of Information Technology Ages

Do you like information technology? If you do, it is necessary for you to know the history of it. In its history, there are several ages of it that we want to share with you. Therefore, in this opportunity, we want to tell you about the history of information technology. Generally, the information technology has been used for a long time by many people in the world. Why can it be like that? Yeah, the reason is that there are the communicating ways through the technology.

history of information technology

Four main ages in the history of information technology

When we talk about the history of information technology, what do you think about that? Well, we are going to tell you that there are four main ages that you should know about that history. Because it is so significant to learn, so, you have to pay attention well to these following discussions below.

1. Pre-mechanical

The first age in the history of information technology is called as pre mechanical. The time is between 3000B.C and 1450A.D. This age is the earliest one of the information technology. In this age, human started to communicate to others using language or drawings of a simple picture. This drawing was recognized as the petroglyphs that were commonly carved in the rock.

Then, the first alphabet was used in this age like the alphabet of Phoenician. After the alphabet became more famous, many people wrote the information using pens and paper. From this fact, both things started to develop.

2. Mechanical

Then, the second age after the first one is mechanical. You need to know that in this age, the activity of seeing the connections between the current technology and the ancestors were started. This age time is between 1450 and 1840. Greatly, there are so many new technologies in this era. It is proved by the existence of the technologies like the analog computer which is used to multiply and divide.

Besides, you will find that there were a lot of different machines in this era. Charles Babbage has built up the difference engine that is charted by the equations of a polynomial. In addition, he used the finite differences method.

3. Electromechanical

The electromechanical is classified into the third age in the history of information technology. In this era, you will be closer to some technologies which look like to the modern technology at the present time. This age time is between 1840 and 1940. On the other hand, this era also starts to use the telecommunication. It can be proved by the creation or production of the telegraph in the early 1800s. Then, there is also the code of Morse which was created by Samuel Morse in the year 1835.

Besides, Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone in 1876. And the last, Guglielmo Marconi created the first radio in 1894. Hence, the technology in this era has been developed well.

4. Electronic

Electronic is the last age that we live in nowadays. The time is between 1940 up to right now. In this age, you will find the ENIAC which is the first high speed and the digital computer too. Then, this computer was created in order to be used by the Army in the U.S. for having artillery firing tables.

That’s the interesting review about four ages in the history of information technology. We expect that you are able to understand well. Have a pleasant learn!
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