5 Benefits of Health Information Technology

Have you ever thought about what health information technology is? Is it important for people’s lives?  Well, this kind of technology is certain information technology that is applied to health and also healthcare as well. So, it is very important in people’s life. This technology can support health information management through computerized systems. In this matter, this information technology can provide a secure exchange of health information among some people. They are consumers, payers, providers, and also quality monitors. So, it is so necessary related to people’s health.
health information technology

5 Benefits that people get from health information technology

Talking about health information technology, you need to know that there are some benefits to it. We highlight the top five benefits to share with you. So, what are they? Here they are.

1. Being able to use data analytics and big data

In this technology, you have the ability to use those data. With this service, you are able to effectively manage management programs of population health. Besides, this service will reduce the incidence of serious chronic health conditions. Thus, you can maintain your health use those data provided by this technology.

2. Using cognitive computing and analytics

This service is so those who need to get medicine to maintain their health. It can be so because this benefit will perform precision medicine which is tailored to any individual patients.

3. The ability to share health data

With health information technology, you, who are academic researchers, share the health data with others. Thus, it is easy for you to tell other academic researchers about certain people’s health data. This service is beneficial especially to improve new medical therapies and drugs. So, this technology will be useful to handle people health due to those cases.

4. Being able to find and use your own health data

For you who choose to use the service of this kind of great information technologies, you can do the great experiences. With it, you can obtain and use your own health data for your own business. You can do it easily by yourselves. Besides, you are also able to collaborate in your own care with clinicians using this service. Thus, it will help you so much in finding your own data related to the health.

5. Getting good service of electronic health record

In the service of health information technology, you will find the electronic health record that gives you safer and more reliable prescriptions. So, you can use this service every time you need medicine. Then, with the electronic health record, it will help you in the legible and entire documentation of your medical history when you become patients. So, it becomes easier for you to review the history of the medicine you take.

In conclusion, this technology is very good to help you find, get, and use your data related to your health. So, we suggest you use this technology as the medium for maintaining your own health as good as possible.

25 Health Information Technology Degree online in the US

Health informational technology degree is one of the branch of the IT learning with as wide as the other opportunities. The technical skill of the degree builds the strong foundation in health treatment development. The students get many topics such as health services, structures, health data content, medical coding, reimbursement procedures, insurance, and information systems. In fact, many people interest to enter this field even it always gets the increased demand over time. Therefore, you do not allow to skip the change.

Pursue the Health Information Technology Degree Online

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) writes 27,800 new jobs in response to the use of electronic health records. Meanwhile, PayScale states that entry-level health information managers get $42,000 annually. This figure climbs to $48,000 after 5–10 years of experience. Chasing a health information technology degree online now becomes the new alternative to qualifies for your professional advancement.

health information technology degree

Time to spend this major online commonly requires the completion of 60–70 credits. Students can undergo the program on a part or full-time basis to accommodate their schedules. However, they who enroll full time merely needs around two years earn their degrees. They also improve the written communication skills in the organization throughout the program. Here, the students also learn about the technical code training and computer systems navigation. Additionally, they get the lawful handling of patient information and electronic health records applications. 

The online study concerns the major coursework and general education classes. Students gain lots of medical terminologies, human anatomy, foundational knowledge in psychology, and college-level math. Students also get knowledge about the popular methods of medical record organization, storage, and professional ethics. It equips them with the knowledge of the current procedural terminology by physicians and the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) coding system.

Afterward, the students undergo their internship program in a healthcare area. It allows them to participate in patient data management and billing and reimbursement processes. Upon graduation, students who adequate for entry-level positions in healthcare settings. For example, hospitals, mental health facilities, and physicians' offices.

Here are the Best Health Information technology Degree online

This article summaries 25 online associations or university along with the address as your reference:

1. Hutchinson Community College: Hutchinson, Kansas

2. Shoreline Community College: Shoreline, Washington

3. Peirce College: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4. Dakota State University: Dakota State University

5. Collin County Community College District: McKinney, Texas

6. Gateway Community and Technical College: Florence, Kentucky

7. Fisher College: Boston, Massachusetts

8. Sunny College of Technology Alfred: Alfred, New York

9. Northwest Iowa Community College: Sheldon, Iowa

10. Crowder College: Neosho, Missouri

11. Pitt Community College: Winterville, North Carolina

12. Ozarks Technical Community College: Springfield, Missouri

13. Minnesota State Community and Technical College: Fergus Falls, Minnesota

14. State Fair Community College: Sedalia, Missouri

15. North Dakota State College of Science: Wahpeton, North Dakota

16. Davenport University: Grand Rapids, Michigan

17. Sinclair Community College: Dayton, Ohio

18. Moraine Park Technical College: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

19. Rowan College at Burlington County: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

20. Hazard Community and Technical College: Hazard, Kentucky

21. Central Piedmont Community College: Charlotte, North Carolina

22. Tyler Junior College: Tyler, Texas

23. Eastern Iowa Community College District: Davenport, Iowa

24. Metropolitan Community College: Omaha, Nebraska

25. Portland Community College: Portland, Oregon

Well, those are 25 colleges for your health information technology degree. Those have high quality from the human resources and the facilities.

Seven Benefits of Health Information Technology Jobs

Have you ever heard about the explanation of health information technology jobs? If you do not know it at all, it is very suggested for you to give your good attention to this discussion. When we talk about a career or job in health information technology, what do you think about that? Do you have an idea, guys? Well, actually, a career in health information technology is one of the occasions which grow at the present time. Besides, it includes the fastest opportunity which is available.
health information technology jobs

The great benefits of health information technology jobs

In relation to the health information technology jobs, people who have enthusiasm for the computer science can get the best career in it. Hence, there are some benefits when you enter or have a job in the health information technology field. Are you curious about it, guys? Please pay attention to these following benefits well.

1. Make the health lower in costs

The first benefit that you should know is making the health lower in the costs. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because the knowledge of the health information technology professionals has all the data. Then, they can also classify the occasion of the cost savings and the efficiencies too for the organization of the healthcare.

2. Increase health efficiency

In health information technology jobs, you can help to increase the efficiency of health. Then, the health information technology professionals can suggest and apply the progress of the process.

3. Remove the preventable mistakes

In this case, it is included the ability to adjust the preventable mistakes which have the right information. The health information technology professionals want to have a correct data so that the preventable mistakes can be removed.

4. Save money

Then, the fourth benefit of health information technology jobs is saving money. Greatly, you are able to save million dollars every year. Why can it be like that? It is because the health information technology professionals can save important money. It can be done by removing and correcting the process.

5. Help people

In fact, helping people is an appreciable way. Besides, it is a part of the organization of the healthcare. Thus, the professionals of the health information will be responsible with it.

6. License and certifications

In the health information technology, there are some programs of licensing and the certification which are offered. Furthermore, the Association of American health information management provides two kinds of certifications. The first one is named the registered health information technician and the second one is the registered health information administrator. However, you can get each of them by passing the exams. Then, for the cost of the certifications is about $175 - $300. It depends on the level.

7. Career advancement

There are many occasions for career advancement in health information technology. In this case, you can have a chance to move to the management and other positions of leadership.

Okay, those are the seven benefits of health information technology jobs. Hopefully, you are able to understand them well so that you can decide to have a career in health information technology or not.

Health Information Technology Salary in the US complete with additional information

Working at the hospital or the health department must not from the related graduate. You are with your information technology still has a big change to join to those places. Even though, the job desk differs from the doctors and nurse. You more handle about the organization, accuracy of patient records, quality, safety, and accessibility. The technician also manages the medical records such as the diagnosis, patient insurance, treatment, and health certificate. It turns out that the work of a health technician is quite a lot. How much is the health information technology salary?
Health Information Technology Salary

Information Technology Salary, Jobs, and the Background

In this article, you not only get the range of the health information technology salary but also the others. It includes the job description, outlook, education requirement and the licensing. The following are the salary guide in the United States. It depends on the location, education background, experience, certification, company type, and employment status. Here are the data from US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

1. The average payment in 2014: $17, 26 per hour or $35,900 per year

2. Top 10% earn the of workers: S59,170 while the bottom 10% worker is about $23,350

3. New Jersey: $51,850 per years

4. District of Columbia: $44.620 per year

5. Hawaii: $42.290 per year

6. Massachusetts: $41.700 per year

7. Alaska: $ 40.900

8. Three Industries with Highest Payment:

  • Scientific Research and Development Services: $ 45,720 per year where it employees 710 people
  • Insurance Operators: $ 44,110 per year and it has 920 employees
  • Management of Scientific and Technical Consulting Services: $ 42,950 per year and it employees 3010 people.

9. Industries which employ most RHIT are the General Hospital and Medical Surgery. It pays each employee of $ 37,960 per year where it has 67,340 employees. Secondly, Office of the Doctor is with $ 31,100/ year which has 40,970 employees. Then, there are Nursing Care Facilities that has 13, 050 employees. It pays each person at $ 35,250 per year.

10. Health Information Technology Salary according to the year experience in the US. Base on the PayScale.com, the average salary is between $24,354 and $46,679. Apparently, it includes the overtime and bonuses. The overall average salary with 1-4 years base on the data is $ 35,000.

After talking about the salary, it is the time to move on the job description and the outlook. The patient medical record from the health technician becomes the foundation for all treatment. The information must be accurate from the patient admission, home care, and the follow-up care. The technician also provides the data for the third part, administrator, observatory, and the insurance agency. 

There are some ways to be the health technician. The candidates can get a 6-month certificate from the Medical technology or a two-year associate's degree from the Health management/Medical technology. You can join to some courses in physiology, anatomy, coding system, computer system, health statistics, and the medical terms. Do not forget to choose a university which has good accreditation. The Education Accreditation Commission and Health Information Management release it. Well, that is bit information about the health information technology salary, job desk, and so on. Choose this major and work with high salary.

Well, that is all about the health information technology that we can share with you. Hopefully, it will be useful information for you.

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